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About the MC2® Kit.

Anyone can be an MC2 facilitator.  Administering this program does not require a professional degree.  Providers simply purchase the kit and schedule training with one of our providers.  In addition to training, new and seasoned facilitators are welcome to purchase a subscription to our bi-weekly website drop in sessions.  These sessions offer support, supervision, and problem solving advice for how to fine tune administration of the MC2 program or how to work with difficult behaviors or complex situations.

MC2 currently is offered in schools, tutoring programs, private speech/language practices, and private psychology practices. The program is a revenue producing adjunct appropriate for a myriad of locations.  Rehabilitation hospitals, occupational and physical therapy centers, speech/language therapy offices, and children’s hospitals are all appropriate venues to offer MC2 since the program takes very little space and requires nearly no overhead costs.

  • MC2 has shown positive results in improving handwriting, classroom behavior, homework completion, and home behavior.
  • On a more clinical level, MC2 outcomes have yielded improvement in working memory, sustained attention, inhibition, and cognitive flexibility.
  • MC2 also works directly on the ability to consolidate procedural memory (a key cerebellar/executive function) necessary to integrate novel information with older habituated skills to show new learning.
  • This executive function is known as perception-action coupling (PAC). The net result of improved PAC is habituated math fundamentals and sight word reading, as well as social skills.

We look forward to speaking with you further about our MC2® neurocognitive program. If you have questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 602-957-7600.