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What to expect with MC2®?

The MC2 program has four levels.  Each client starts at the easiest beginner level regardless of their age.  Starting at the lowest level is consistent with the dual-tiered concept of brain development in which everything is built on the attainment of small milestones.  Successive levels become more complex, but are built upon the mastery of previous levels and within level sections.

A client does not move up a level until the elements of the previous level are mastered. The program usually takes about seven to eight months to complete based on a one-hour session that takes place three days per week.  Schools have administered the program in half-hour sessions across five days per week. Yes, it takes much dedication.

We find that children enjoy the program and develop a sense of achievement and pride in their progressive accomplishments.  Adults self-report amazement at their improvements in vocational areas and daily living tasks.

  • MC2 has shown positive results in improving handwriting, classroom behavior, homework completion, and home behavior.
  • On a more clinical level, MC2 outcomes have yielded improvement in working memory, sustained attention, inhibition, and cognitive flexibility.
  • MC2 also works directly on the ability to consolidate procedural memory (a key cerebellar/executive function) necessary to integrate novel information with older habituated skills to show new learning.
  • This executive function is known as perception-action coupling (PAC). The net result of improved PAC is habituated math fundamentals and sight word reading, as well as social skills.

We look forward to speaking with you further about our MC2® neurocognitive program. If you have questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at 602-957-7600.