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MC2® Training Description

Training for the MC2 program takes 8 to 10 hours (one day). During this phase in the company’s development we are offering two ways to access training. The first method is for trainees to come to Scottsdale for training. Scottsdale training will take place at Beljan Psychological Services with Robyn Berry, the MC2 Program Director. The Scottsdale trainings can accommodate as many as eight people at a time. The second method is for a trainee to have Ms. Berry come to them. The cost of the second method is higher since Ms. Berry’s travel and accommodations will have to be paid for by the trainee or trainee’s facility. For travel and training with larger facilities, Ms. Berry can train as many as 15 people at one time, and training would be conducted in a two day format. In the future, we hope to offer trainings for large groups around the country.

The MC2 training consists of a complete review of how to administer every exercise, how the levels work, and how to matriculate a client through the program. Training also teaches facilitators how to document daily logs and progress.

Dr. Beljan and Ms. Berry will host bi-weekly internet sessions for facilitators with subscriptions to MC2. These sessions will provide ideas about rewarding behavior, quelling poor behavior and fine tuning the administration of MC2. These sessions also answer questions about motivation and making the program even more fun.